December 8, 2016

[Haul] Korean Makeup and Skincare W2Beauty

Hello ! I'm back again with another Korean Beauty Haul.
I only bought 2 makeup products and 1 skincare products this time. I got them from W2Beauty :) First of all i'm going to introduce about W2Beauty, is an online cosmetic shop specialized in Korean cosmetics. They offer free shipping worldwide ! and it only takes 2 weeks for my package arrived to Indonesia.

Here's what i got :
- Too School For School - Art Class By Rodin Highlighter ($22.85)
I really loveeee this highlighter ! Not only lifting the cheekbones but it also makes my face looks dewy but in a matte (powder) finish ! I think it's the perfect highlighter for summer days. It's quite pricey for me but well it last for a long time and i love the finish !
I already got my art class by rodin contouring palette and i love them both ! They are now my favorite contour and highlighter palette !


Etude House - Proof 10 Eyeshadow Primer ($15.52)
 The second makeup product is the etude house proof 10 eyeshadow primer. It's a very popular drugstore primer that even can beat high end eyeshadow primer. It makes my eyeshadow stays longer and the color more pop out. It's also quite cheap and easy to blend. ^^


 - Innisfree - Orchid Eye Cream ($27.77)
Innisfree Orchid line is very famous for moisturizing dry skin. I bought this for my mom because she has a very dry skin and wrinkles around the eye area ^^ She really love this eye cream, she said that it's very moisturizing and fade her wrinkle. It's quite pricey for 30ml but as long as it has a great result it's worth the price :)


That is all for my haul, i only bought 3 products from them but yet they gave me tons of samples !!
It's very nice of them ! they also giving me free candy XD Thankyou W2beauty !
I'm so excited to try all this samples :)) and maybe shop more !
Oh yes, they are also giving out the track number for your shipping so you can check them anytime. ^^ it makes me feel safe to know where my package at.

Where to shop ?

Thankyou for reading !