June 21, 2016

[Event Report] Blogger Meet Up with Revlon and Woman Blitz

Hai hai hai !
Tanggal 3 Juni 2016 kemarin ada event blogger meet up dari Revlon yang di organize oleh Woman Blitz. Acaranya diadain di Atrium Surabaya Plaza jam 16.00-18.00.
Inti dari acara ini tuh ada 3 yaitu : Makeup Demo oleh MUA nya Revlon, Makeup Challenge buat beauty bloggers, dan Blog competition.
Acara ini didatangi oleh kurang lebih 25 blogger, ada yang dari beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, celebgram, dll. Di acara ini Revlon juga adain booth-booth macem-macem seperti booth buat main 'Lip Crush' game semacam candy crush gitu, booth coloring rambut buat yang beli 2 box semirnya Revlon, photo booth, dll.

Acara dimulai dengan ngobrol-ngobrol MC dengan Chief Editor Woman Blitz yaitu ibu Lilies. Obrolan yang dibahas ialah trend makeup 2016 yang lebih ke arah mata yang berbinar, bibir yang solid, dan alis yang natural. MC juga sekaligus menyinggung tentang produk baru dari Revlon yaitu Revlon Ultra HD Lip Color yang sudah disediakan testernya di meja masing-masing blogger.

June 17, 2016

[Review] Banish Acne Scars Kit

Hi ! Today i'm going to review about Banish Acne Scars Kit - Banish Kit which i got around a month ago. I've used them every single week and i find that this product gives me a great result on my acne scars so i should share it with you guys !
Banish Kit comes with 3 different derma roller's size : Small, Medium, and XS Pen.
I got mine in Medium, because i feel that it's more effective and make more difference.
The small one used 1-2 times a week, The medium and the XS Pen used once every week.
The little needles in the roller would basically creating 'wound' on your skin so that the skin would heal it (heal your acne scars too!)

Banish kit comes with 4 items inside :
1. Derma roller (Banisher)
2. All natural Vitamin C, E, Ferulic Acid Serum
3. Cleaning Container
4. Store Bag

Here's what the banish kit looks like :

Review Banish Acne Scars Kit
Banish Acne Scars Kit - Banish Kit
Size : Medium 0.5 mm
Price : $69
Where to get them ? Banish Website

June 16, 2016

[Review] Fran Wilson - MoodMatcher Lipstick

Hiii ! Looking for a long lasting lipstick? Going on a vacation / party that you can't re applying your lipstick all the time? Check out this 12 hours lipstick by Fran Wilson - MoodMatcher Lipstick. This lipstick is made in USA and quite well known all over Instagram for it's color changing concept.

Fran Wilson MoodMatcher Lipstick

It has 10 different shades :
- Yellow : turns into light pink
- Pink : turns into pink
- Green : turns into deep pink
- Dark Blue : turns into purple
- Brown : turns into deep red
- Red : turns into red
- Light Blue : turns into pink with blue undertone
- Black : turns into deep purple
- Purple : turns into violet
- Orange : turns into peachy orange

Review Fran Wilson MoodMatcher Lipstick
Brand : Fran Wilson MoodMatcher
Price : $5
Shade : Yellow
Where i get them : MoodMatcherIndonesia

It promise to be a very long lasting lipstick that is smudge proof, waterproof, kiss proof, and even swim-proof ! lol I don't know if it's even a word XD
They said the product will not fade off even after eating or drinking. It's also supposed to not transfer into the glass / straw and hold up to 12 hours. Can't believe it? me too ! lol, let's start the test !

June 3, 2016

[Review] TROIAREUKE ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing

Helloooo !
Today i'm going to review my first Cleansing Oil, it's the TROIAREUKE - ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing !
This oil cut cleansing contains 0% oil, and targeted for people with oily or sensitive skin. The texture is completely like a gel without any oil ! It has cooling effect and at first honestly i didn't expect that it would clean my waterproof makeup but it did !
Thanks to jenny i could find this amazing products (i love both of the cushion and the cleanser! see my healing cushion's review here it became my favorite cushion at the moment!)

Their main ingredients are :
Papaya Extract : Reducing excessive keratin, anti-inflammatory
Portulaca oleracea L : Strong Moisturizer, minimizing skin trouble
Aloe Vera extract : Moisturizing and calming effect

June 1, 2016

[Review] TROIPEEL H+ Cushion

Hi everyone ! Today I'm going to review about TROIPEEL H+ Cushion (Healing Cushion). It's a Korean cushion foundation by Korean Cosmetic Brand called TROIPEEL.
I heard this brand from some of Youtube reviews. Many of them said that it's the BEST Cushion for Acne Prone Skin, it contains of 99% skincare and 1% makeup, Great Coverage etc etc.
It makes me so excited that i want to try the products !
A few months later,, finally i got the TROIPEEL H+ Cushion + TROIAREUKE ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing !!
\(^^)/ Thankyou Jenny ! click here to see the ACSEN Oil Cut's review
(psstt.. it's a cleansing oil for acne sensitive skin and it cleans my waterproof makeup completely! so be sure to check them out!)

OK now let's start the H+ Cushion review !

*(L) Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing, (R) H+ Cushion
Brand : TROIPEEL 트로이필
Weight : 13 grams
Price : 38,000 Won ($38)
Where to buy ? W2 Beauty