June 3, 2016

[Review] TROIAREUKE ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing

Helloooo !
Today i'm going to review my first Cleansing Oil, it's the TROIAREUKE - ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing !
This oil cut cleansing contains 0% oil, and targeted for people with oily or sensitive skin. The texture is completely like a gel without any oil ! It has cooling effect and at first honestly i didn't expect that it would clean my waterproof makeup but it did !
Thanks to jenny i could find this amazing products (i love both of the cushion and the cleanser! see my healing cushion's review here it became my favorite cushion at the moment!)

Their main ingredients are :
Papaya Extract : Reducing excessive keratin, anti-inflammatory
Portulaca oleracea L : Strong Moisturizer, minimizing skin trouble
Aloe Vera extract : Moisturizing and calming effect

*(L) Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing, (R) H+ Cushion
Brand : TROIAREUKE 트로이아르케
Weight : 120 ml
Price : 38,000 Won ($38)
Where to buy ? W2 Beauty

How to use :
1. Put some Oil-cut Cleansing on your dry hand and apply on your face, then start to rub your face softly.
2. Make your hands wet with warm water and rub your face again.
3. When you feel your skin is clear you could wash your face.

I started to follow the instruction and it works like magic ! I just apply 2 tiny drops to clean this whole makeup (Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Liner, Makeup Forever Aqua Matic (waterproof), Etude house drawing eyebrow, Maybelline pencil liner, silky girl lip pencil, NARS lipstick)

It completely remove my makeup (even my waterproof makeup !) without any harsh rubbing + it has cooling sensation which is amazing !

Pros :
- Their cleansing performance are amazing with just tiny drops !
- It has cooling sensation
- Moisturize the face and gentle to the skin.
- Doesn't break me out
- Light and simple packaging

Cons :
- Pricey.. the Oil Cut Cleansing works amazing but the only downside is the price. It's $38 for a cleanser :(

Overall :
I really like this product, their performance is really amazing, it has cooling effect, moisturizing effect and all the good stuffs. But... it's quite expensive :(
But also considering that you only need a very little drops to clean your whole makeup, sooo... if you have the money to try, be sure to try them ! because it did works !

Repurchase ? I don't think i could repurchase XD but if i could, i definetly would !

Recommend ? Yes ! for people with oily / sensitive skin and you are not on a budget !

Rate 4.5/5

if you have more question please Message to TROIAREUKE Facebook Page
(they're really kind and nice !)

Thankyou for reading !
See you on my next post :)


  1. So far I only use Hadalabo cleansing oil since 2014. I think I should try this one too:) Tapi kok agak mahal yah -.-


    1. Hehehe. Iyaa. Emg mahal sih tapi bagus bgt XD mgkn bener kata2 ada harga ada kualitas yaa.

      Thankyou for visiting

  2. waa mahalll.... bioderma aja cuma 229.000 hasilnya ud bgus bnget....