April 14, 2016

[Review] KoreaBuys Beauty Makeup Box

Hi girlss~ I’m back again!
Today I want to share about the KoreaBuys  Beauty Makeup Box. It will launch at the end of march 2016. It’s basically a box with lots of beauty product in it. I personally like a beauty box because it contains a complete set of makeup products *and also some skincare* ! I bought this beauty box from Korea Buys which is my favorite online shop for Korean makeup and skincare product *see my koreabuys haul here : http://yolanmoo.blogspot.co.id/2015/11/korean-skin-care-haul-from-koreabuys.html * i love shopping on koreabuys because the packaging is very neat, very safe, very cheap, and their customer service is very nice too!

Now let’s get into the beauty box :

Price : Rp.249,900 ($19)
But the products inside worth Rp.1,000,000 ($76) !!

There are 2 beauty box choices, the red one and the pink one.
  • The pink one include Etude house Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips shade PPK002, Drawing eyebrow Brown, My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner, Missha Triple Shadow in Browny Pink, and 3 random pure cotton mask.
  • The red one include the eco soul Henna Marker Tint in Deep Red, Drawing eyebrow Brown, My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner, Missha Triple shadow in chocolate Brown, and 3 random pure cotton mask.

Let’s take a time to look at how neat their packaging is !

Everything is bubble wrapped / boxed so that our products safe.
And here’s what I got !


Etude House
Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips shade PPK002
Etude House
Drawing Eye Brow AD shade 03 Brown
My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner
Triple Shadow shade 01 Browny Pink
The Face Shop
 Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner
100% Pure Cotton Malie Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask in Pomegranate, vitamin C, and Royal Jelly

And here’s a short review of all the products :
  1. Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips shade PPK002 : As you can probably tell it’s my most favorite product from this beauty box! Etude house packaging are too cute to be true ! The color pigmentation is quite sheer but really moisturizing and feels nice and pretty on the lips.
  2. Etude House Drawing Eyebrow 03 Brown : I personally use this product everyday before even getting it on the box, I really love this product. It’s really easy to use and has many shade.
  3. SkinFood My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner : This black liquid liner gives a very natural looking black. Not that too pigmented black. But a nice and natural black color (just like my natural eyelash color) Which is great for daily use!
  4. Missha Triple Shadow 01 Browny Pink : The colors are really pretty but not too pigmented for a single shadow. It gives a pink feminine brown look.
  5. The Face Shop Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner : This is my second favorite product from the box. It’s my first time trying a dot pen eyeliner and I really love it! It’s very very easy to use compared to the usual liquid eyeliner. It also gives a very natural look!    
  6. Haju Malie Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask : I have tried all the mask. But my personal favorite was the vitamin C. It brightens my skin and makes my skin look fresh.
Just by using these makeup products from the beauty box, We can do a complete makeup look! Here’s my challenge doing a natural everyday korean makeup look using only products from this KoreaBuys Beauty Box !

Using the etude house drawing eyebrow 03 Brown I’m going to fill in my natural eyebrow.

Next I apply the pink shade of Missha Tripple shadow for my base color, then applying the lightest color on my inner corner and the darkest color on my outer v.

Then, I’m applying The Face Shop Dot eyeliner to fill in my eyelash gap. It brightens the eye and give a very natural look

Then, using the skinfood shortcake eyeliner I winged the eyeliner a little bit. You can also skip this step if you want a very natural look without a wing.

Then I’m using the etude house Etoinette crystal shine lips ppk002 on my lips and I also apply a little bit on my cheek.

And here’s the final look !

I really love this beauty makeup box I bought from koreabuys because it gives a full set makeup and special gifts (the etude house Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips was the gift) ! It also gives us a popular Korean makeup brand so we don’t have to worry about their qualities! I really recommend this makeup beauty box from KoreaBuys !

For paying only Rp.249,000 we can get products worth Rp.905,000 ! What an amazing deal !
It’s also contain special gift inside the beauty box !
*Beauty box would be packaged in KoreaBuys’s Gift Box & KoreaBuys’s new dust bag J
*can’t be refund it the product have been opened or used.

You can get them here :

It’s limited stock and there are a secret free gift inside so better grab it fast !

Thankyou for reading! :)

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