January 24, 2016

[Review] Silky Girl - Moisture Lip Gloss 03 Dazzling Pink

Hello girls, i'm back with another review ! It's the Silky Girl - Moisture Gloss Lip Gloss in number 03 Dazzling Pink !! I found this lip gloss on the Silky Girl Counter at Surabaya Plaza. I fell in love with the colorrrr and the glitter ! <3 It's more like a berry pink color with glitters !

Silky Girl Moisture Gloss came with 10 colors :
- 02 Pink Glitters
- 03 Dazzling Pink
- 05 Sweet Pink
- 11 Strawberry Ice
- 12 Sugar Pink
- 13 Eternal Pink
- 16 Rosy Pink
- 17 Barely Nude
- 18 Soft Pink
- 19 Almost Nude

I really love the dazzling pink and the strawberry ice color, but i think the dazzling pink is slightly more gorgeous so i bought the dazzling pink one :D

Review Silky Girl Moisture Gloss Lip Gloss
Color : 03 Dazzling Pink
Price : Rp. 20,000 ( $1,44)
Place to buy : Any Silky Girl Counter
(I bought mine at Plaza Surabaya)

What the product's claim :
- Contains with aloe vera so that it can moisturize our lips
- Make the lips feel smooth
- Not drying on the lips

Here's how it looks on my lips :
Review Silky Girl Moisture Gloss Lip Gloss
*without any other lip product of course*

Pros :
- The Dazzling Pink color + Glitter is sooooo pretty ! I really love love love the color :D The pigmentation is quite ok for me. I'm not expecting too much pigmentation from a lip gloss, because i usually put a lipstick before them. This amount of color is great enough for me :D
- It doesn't dry out on the lips but my lips doesn't feel moisturized as well
- It's really really cheap lip gloss ! only for Rp. 20,000 (under $2!)

Cons :
- The Smell ! It's has a weird like a plastic smell. Ew~!
- It's a little bit sticky but not really-really sticky. It just bothers me when my hair caught on my lips -.-
- Not a long lasting lip gloss, it's gone after u drink / eat.

Overall :
It's quite a great lip gloss (Despite of the smell). Love the color, love the glitter, and also it's not drying on the lips. I usually have a dry lips so this lip gloss is great :D Silky Girl Moisture Gloss Lips Gloss is a cheap but great lip gloss to try :D

Repurchase ? Yes I think :D but might try out the strawberry ice color !

Recommended? Yes, it's really cheap and quite great as well !

Rate 3.5/5


  1. Aku liat ini kemarin di Guardian, bagus ya tapi sayang banget gak long lasting ><


    1. hehe iya siih. mungkin karena emang lip gloss ga staining jd emg ga tahan lama XD