February 7, 2016

Chinese New Year Nail Art

Hi everyonee ! It's chinese new year *lunar new year* !
First of all, i wish u a happy new year and also i wish you good health and lasting prosperity ! and of course i wish u got a lot of Hong Bao this year :P *i hope so too lol*
Today i wanna share with you my Chinese New Year Nail Art, i wouldn't make it like a tutorial but i just want to show you nail art idea for Chinese new year !
It's quite simple but looks very great in my opinion ! ^^
Soooo here it is :

Chinese new year nail art

What you need is quite simple :

- Red polish
- White polish
- Black polish
- Pink polish
- Gold Glitter polish
- Stripper brush
- Dotting tools

Chinese new year nail art

Chinese new year is all about the red and the flower thing right?
So, i create this nail art for this year CNY !
I think it would look amazing on Chinese New Year and also with a red dress !
Well, i'm not wearing red this year but red nail art would bang it, right? I just think that it would be suitable for Chinese New Year nails !

Oh yea, in case you haven't know me, i do some nail art on my instagram @YOLANDASUTANTO
I post some nail art ideas there ! ^^ i love creating nail art <3 so be sure to follow me :P

thats all for today,
Thankyou for reading !
Happy Chinese New Year !