July 22, 2016

[Review] Lens Pop - Ellen 3 Color Gray

Hello ! I'm back again with another softlens review, this time i'm going to review about Ellen 3 Color Gray by Lens Pop. I really love trying out different lenses, Klenspop gave me the opportunity to try out their new products and I was so happy to hear that!
Klenspop is a Circle & Cosmetic lens company from Korea that ship worldwide !
The shipping takes 2 weeks from Korea to Indonesia and i think that it's pretty fast :) and of course it is bubble wrapped and safely arrived to me ~(^^)~

Here's how the Package look's like + what's inside the package :

Inside the box, i receive 2 bottles with the lenses inside, lens case, and twizzers to pick up the lens. And here's what the lenses looks like :

Lens Pop - Ellen 3 Color Gray
Diameter : 14 mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.7 mm
Base Curve : 8.60 mm
Using Period : 6 months
Water Content : 38%
Power : 0.00 - 5.00 (step 0.25)
Price : $18.00  $7.20

Design 4/5
I love the design of it, it's very natural with ring on the outer corner. The ring was very natural and so does the design, it's great for daily use like going to school / work. Here's how the lens looks like on my eyes :

*my left eye

*my right eye

*both eye

Color 4/5
The color of it are grey, since my eye are black, it become dark grey which i really love ! Sometimes black lens makes my eyes looks not so natural, and light grey lens makes my eye looks scary but i think this dark grey color is very pretty and very natural on my eyes.

Enlargement 2/5
It didn't give much enlargement to the eye since it's supposed to be a very natural lens not dolly look lenses. :)

Comfort 3/5
The lenses is quite comfortable but i can still feel the lens sticking on my eyes. In my opinion it's quite comfortable to use until around 4 hours (indoor with AC).

I really like the lens, the design and the color is very natural, it's a perfect lens for daily natural look it didn't give much enlargement but i think it's the point of natural looking lens. If it's too enlarging it won't look natural :)

Rate 4/5 It's great !

I really like them ! What do you guys think ? :D
Thankyou for reading ^^

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  1. warna nya cantik untuk di pakai sehari-hari terliht natural , diameternya juga tidak terlalu besar cocok untuk yang mau tampil simple